I'm an Artist from San Marcos, Tx. 

I love being outdoors and always being creatively inspired by nature.  I'm experienced in Acrylic Paintings, Bronze Sculptures, Charcoal Drawings, Ceramics and many other mediums but I truly enjoy painting with Oils, and right now is what I'm focusing on with my first collection "Body Heat". 

I enjoy painting anything that challenges me, but I would say I tend to do more Animal Portraits. I love  painting in a realistic style that brings life and personality to each painting.  

Going outside brings me true happiness, and in my art I try to bring the outside, inside. During the process of creating my pieces I go through life, certain songs inspire me for different animals, I remember what was going on in my life while I was creating it. I can look at each painting and remember everything. They are little reminders of the chapters in my life that I am sharing and each painting is so special to me.

I would hope my artwork encourages everyone to stop in this busy world to appreciate life and the natural beauty it holds all around us and be open minded to introducing a little personality into your space!