About The Artist

Courtney Walker

There has always been something pulling me closer and closer to Art. I tie my faith and religion very close into my Artwork and have a very strong appreciation for this gift god has given me.

I am a Fine Artist that likes to specialize in Oil paintings. Im also experienced in Acrylic Paintings, Bronze Sculptures, Charcoal Drawings and many other mediums. 

My passion is painting Animal Portraits in a realistic style that brings life and personality to each painting. Each painting that I create I can remember every song I listened to painting it, what was going on in my life at the time, how I felt. They are a little piece of me and my life that I am sharing with the hope to spread appreciation for Fine Art, Nature, and Animals. I hope my artwork encourages everyone to stop and take a second to appreciate life and the beauty it holds. 

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My Artwork is also displayed at Art on 12

13811 Ranch Rd 12, Wimberley, Tx 78676

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