Art for me is an expression of my creative self. My vibe's, color's, prayer's, music, flow, feeling's, and creating what is beautiful to me. 

I create my favorite piece's when I completely surrender myself and leave all fear behind and trust what I am feeling without hesitation of the outcome. 

I love being outdoors and being creatively inspired by nature and using my memory as a bank for all of nature's natural color combination's.

I am experienced in Acrylic, Oil, Bronze Sculpture, Charcoal Drawing, Ceramic's, and many other mediums but I truly enjoy painting with oil's, and that is what I am focusing on. I also love to sign my piece's on the back of my Artwork making the main focus my subject and the actual art itself. I do sign any piece on the front if that is the look the buyer request's.

I enjoy painting anything that challenges me, but I would say I tend to do more animal portrait's. Taking a traditional nature photo, and turning it into a classy art piece is such a fun challenge. 

I think the best part of painting, is in 100 year's no one know's where your piece could, or does end up. 

And I am so grateful for this gift I have been given,  it has shown me when you follow your heart and true self the universe opens the most beautiful doors for you.

Be Blessed,
Courtney Brooke Walker